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IBAM 24 - San Diego, CA
November 3 - 5, 2016

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Best Papers are Eligible for Journal Publication

The Best Papers in the Divisions are eligible for publication consideration in the Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management (JBAM). The Journal provides an international outlet for its contributors.

Student Scholarships Available

Each year IBAM awards a $250 scholarship in each of its student subdivisions: bachelors, masters and doctoral. The scholarship is granted to the student submitting the best paper in each division. A student must submit the paper to the Student Division (Division V). Papers submitted to other Divisions are not eligible for the scholarship. Eligible papers may NOT be co-authored with a faculty member or practitioner but may be co-authored with other students (the scholarship is shared in this case).

Contact the Chair of Division V for further details.

JBAM Call for Papers

We invite you to consider JBAM for your next scholarly publication related to the field of management. We are looking for articles that describe field, laboratory, and applied research, management cases, as well as practical and theoretical pieces that help both academics and practitioners better understand the phenomena of management in the modern world. As a totally electronic journal, your article may potentially be read by anyone using the Internet, providing a world-wide audience of students, lecturers, professors, practicing managers and many others who may be interested in your topic.

JBAM Call for Papers

Submit a Paper to JBAM for Review

Conference Participant Roles

If you are asked to be a session chair, a discussant, or your paper is accepted for presentation at an IBAM conference, you will have additional responsibilities before and during the conference. Below are links to documents that describe these roles.

Author's Role -- Full Presentation Session pdf

Author's Role -- Incubator Session pdf

Author's Role -- Discussion Session pdf

Discussant's Role -- Discussion Session pdf

Discussant's Role -- Full Presentation Session pdf

Session Chair's Role pdf

Conference Proceedings

IBAM 2015 Conference Proceedings pdf

IBAM 2014 Conference Proceedings pdf

IBAM 2013 Conference Proceedings pdf

IBAM 2012 Conference Proceedings pdf

IBAM Conference Testimonials
(represented here with their permission)

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the rest of conference committee for such a wonderful experience this past week at IBAM. It was my first IBAM conference -- John Sosik spoke so very highly of the people affiliated with IBAM that I decided to attend even though I had no role as a presenter, discussant or workshop organizer. He was so very accurate in his descriptions! I found the IBAMers to be a warm and welcoming group of professionals. I felt a genuine sense of camaraderie and collegiality that was indeed a refreshing experience. I look forward to next year's conference and the opportunity to become more involved. Again, thank you for an exceptional conference."

~Sandi L. Dinger, Ph.D.
Now at Eastern University; message of October 26, 2004

"The IBAM conference was the best!!! Thank you both for being so hospitable and chairing/reviewing my paper. I really liked the sessions at the conference more than others that I have attended because the topics were very practitioner oriented vs esoteric research. I know everything has its place, but because of the practical nature of the sessions I attended, I was able to take home lots of ideas. And--of course, everyone there was so collegial."

~Bonnie Garson, Ph.D.
Reinhardt College; message of October 26, 2004

"...My first year in Tampa had loads of doctoral students, and I really felt I learned a lot from them. In addition to all the help from you, Ernie [Stark] also made a real difference that year. He spoke to me in between sessions like I was a real person. After the Academy, that was amazingly refreshing."

~Wendy Harman, ABD
University of Washington, message of October 13, 2005,
Now Wendy is a PhD and at Truman State University



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