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JBAM Call for Papers

We invite you to consider JBAM for your next scholarly publication related to the field of management. We are looking for articles that describe field, laboratory, and applied research, management cases, as well as practical and theoretical pieces that help both academics and practitioners better understand the phenomena of management in the modern world. As a totally electronic journal, your article may potentially be read by anyone using the Internet, providing a world-wide audience of students, lecturers, professors, practicing managers and many others who may be interested in your topic.

JBAM Publication Procedure

The following procedure is used for publication in the Journal. Please perform the actions designated for authors:

Step 1 - The author(s) submit a draft manuscript. (You may be asked to log in to our site.) The draft should conform to the draft submission guidelines and should be on a topic relevant to the Journal.
Step 2 - The editor assigns reviewers.
Step 3 - The reviewers review the manuscript according established policy and submit their comments and recommendations to the editor.
Step 4 - The editor sends a summary of reviewer feedback to the authors.
Step 5 - The authors incorporate the changes, modify the manuscript to conform to the final publication Style Guide, and submit the final manuscript.
Step 6 - The manuscript is added to the upcoming Journal edition.

Draft Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Length:
21-30 double-spaced pages
Document Format:
Microsoft Word with embedded PowerPoint, Excel, GIF, or JPEG tables and figures
Font: Courier, Times-Roman, or Arial, 12-point
100 words or less
Running Heads:
None. Please integrate footnotes into the body of the manuscript if appropriate.
Follow APA guidelines

Note: although specific format guidelines are requested, no manuscript will be refused for review strictly on the basis of format. The guidelines listed here conform to JBAM Editorial Policy.

Review Information:

Type of Review: Blind Review
No. of External Reviewers: Two
No. of Internal Reviewers: One
Acceptance Rate: 21-30%
Time to Review: 2-3 months
Reviewers' Comments: Yes
Fees to Publish: No Charge
Invited Articles: 5% or less



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